Hello, I am


You probably wonder why I’m bothering you…

I guess you’re pretty busy, like many other adults. The adults are weird. They are always in a hurry, rushing somewhere, not able to play the whole time. On the other hand, I’m spending most of my time playing. There are no other duties for me. Sadly, I think I won’t be capable to even do that anymore.


I was born 6 years ago, as Mommy said. She was so overjoyed that she literally started crying tears of joy. I did not understand that very well, I cry only when I’m hurt and when Mommy cuts onion….but…there she was, crying happily.


The doctors told my mom that I got diagnosed with SMA. I don’t know what it is, but every time I ask her, she starts crying. But in that case, those were not tears of joy.


Far, far away from my country, doctors made some cure for that SMA thing. The cure somehow needs to find its way to my home, so Mom can finally stop crying (or continue to, but only tears of joy).

My buddies

I’m not the only one attacked by that SMA witch. There are 114 of us. If you click on the button bellow, you can read more about the disease my friends and I suffer from.



The SMA Serbia Association was founded in 2016 by the joint efforts of parents of children with SMA as well as adult patients with SMA in order to increase the need of coordination of activities, as the perspective for therapies changed very quickly.

The primary goal of the association was to provide access to medical treatment for all patients with SMA regardless of age and type of disease. Our mission is to fight for the right to a quality and dignified life for all people in Serbia who suffer from SMA.

Initiative and commitment to SMA patients are primary for us!